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What to Consider When Getting a Keratin Treatment

Are you looking to improve the texture and look of your hair from frizzy and unappealing to beautiful? A keratin treatment is an absolute necessity for your hair. A Keratin treatment is basically a chemical process that smooths and straightens frizzy hair giving it a healthy sheen. The effect can last for six months. The keratin travels through the hair follicles and penetrates the porous areas. Nails and hair are largely made of Keratin. The trusted keratin treatment in white plains is derived from wool, feathers or horns. The type of keratin treatment to be used depends on what sort of hair you have.

Getting a keratin treatment is advantageous in many ways. First things first, your hair will be much easier to handle. It helps when it comes to combing, styling, detangling, and maintaining your hair. Long gone are the cumbersome hours of having to wonder what to do with your hectic hair. Keratin Treatment reduces heat damage by strengthening the hair and revitalizing its texture. Another thing is that it makes your hair look beautiful, glossy, and healthy instead of frizzy and dry. It also reduces split ends as it temporarily bonds the hair back together. Keratin treatment also facilitates hair growth by immensely reducing hair breakage by strengthening and fortifying the hair. Lack of breakage and loss of hair ends calls attention to hair growth and health which is nice. The keratin treatment reduces your struggle with your hair up to six months which is highly recommendable. Learn more about hair at

The next thing to think about is the process. The duration of the keratin treatment is directly proportionate to your hair type, your hair texture be it course or smooth and length which may range from short to long. The time you may most likely take ranges from two to four hours. The first thing that will be done is to shampoo and wash your hair. Then the Keratin is applied onto your wet hair. It will then proceed to sit in your hair for about thirty minutes so as to fully saturate every hair follicle. Also, using a blow drier instead of applying the best keratin treatment in white plains on wet hair is acceptable so long as it sits for half an hour still Finally, the stylist will go over any coarse strands using a flat iron set to low or medium to seal in the treatment.

Finally, ensure you get an experienced stylist who will not ruin your hair and give you a reasonable price.

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